DJ Alan-Lee Remix Contest – The winners

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Hello Noizefielderz,

we’ve created a remix-competition in July together with DJ Alan-Lee and Lickin Records and we got much submissions in a month like never before. Thanks for your effort. The quality of the remixes was mostly really good, so it was difficult to choose the winner. In the beginning we thought we would only choose one winner of the contest, but Bernd of Lickin Records decided to release the five best remixes. The best remix has been created by The Third Dimension. Congratulation!

1. The Third Dimension Remix
2. Universal Source Remix
3. Calectro Remix
4. AuDeep Remix
5. Alain Chavez Remix

Listen to them here: Lickin Records | HeartbreakRemixes

The relese of the remix EP will be the 14th October 2016.

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