Doepfer announced 5 new modules for Eurorack

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Doepfer announced 5 new modules for Eurorack at Superbooth 21

  • A-126-2 Voltage Controlled Frequency Shifter II
  • A-138f Dual Three-Way Crossfader
  • A-149-4 Quad Random Voltage Source
  • A-179-2 Light Controlled Voltage Source II
  • A-182-4 Dual Rotary Switches

Superbooth 2021 is just around the corner. The Superbooth team around Andreas Schneider managed it with their hygiene and safety measures that the event can happen and personal contacts are possible again.
The Superbooth takes place from 15 to 18.09.2021 in Berlin. More information is available at the Superbooth Website. We plan to present these new products and would be happy to welcome you at our booth (presumably B047 in the “Bungalow-Dorf”):

More info here: Doepfer

Also available at : Doepfer @ Thomann

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