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Drum Hero Volume 4 – New sample pack by Ghosthack


The sheer variety of sounds is like having a drummer that can play anything. You’ve just discovered your new favorite collection of drum samples and loops! Introducing Drum Hero 4, the latest installment in one of our most popular series entirely focused on drums. You’ll enjoy 158 loops, 1153 one-shots and 30 construction kits, featuring an additional 159 STEMs. That’s a total of 1500 files (855MB total size) to supercharge your beat making sessions!

You can expect to find samples and loops ideal for Hip-hop, Trap, Techno, Retro Lo-fi, Dubstep and Dn’B in Drum Hero 4. Because of the variety of genres, we’ve included plenty of acoustic as well as synthetic samples, giving you exactly what you need to produce freely and in more directions than most drum sample packs found elsewhere.

From hard-hitting to tastefully textured, each sound is designed specifically for the kind of music it is intended to be used in. However, when you begin to creatively combine samples across genres and categories, you begin discovering fresh inspiration and interesting outcomes unique to these samples.

All sounds in Drum Hero 4 are royalty-free and 100% cleared for use in your projects. So you can work worry-free.

Acoustic One-Shots
– 33 Acoustic Crash Cymbals
– 29 Acoustic Kicks
– 22 Acoustic Open Hats
– 10 Acoustic Rides
– 47 Acoustic Snares
– 20 Acoustic Toms

Synthetic One-Shots
– 92 Claps
– 160 Closed Hats
– 35 Synth Crash Cymbals
– 25 Long Synth Kicks
– 191 Short Synth Kicks
– 105 Synth Open Hats
– 37 Percussion Hits
– 12 Synth Rides
– 269 Synth Snares
– 66 Synth Toms

Loops [80 – 170 BPM] – 30 STEM Separated Drum Loops
– with 159 STEMs
– 38 Break Loops
– 84 Hi-Hat Loops
– 14 Percussion Loops
– 22 Shaker Loops
– Total Files: 1,500
– Total Size: 855 MB

Available now for only €15.41 (for alimited time

Ghosthack Drum Hero 4

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