Drumforge released Kickforge

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Drumforge released Kickforge, a virtual instrument plugin for kick drum design. With tone-shaping controls & full automation, it has everything you need for crafting unique, professional kicks across all genres of music.


  • Fully automatable kick drum creation tool for crafting unique kick sounds
  • Individually selectable attack and sub samples allow you to quickly create 2,900+ kick drum combinations to find your perfect kick sound for any mix of any genre
  • Includes both acoustic and electronic kick drum samples, hand built and real world tested by industry professionals
  • Powerful and innovative mixing processors (EQ, Compression, Transient) designed for musicality and speed
  • Control the sustain of each sample and filter out unwanted frequencies so your kick sound locks perfectly into your mix every time
  • Harmonics switch injects your low-end with harmonic density to punch through any mix
  • Get realistic acoustic kick drums with multi-samples by default or enable the One-Shot switch for ultra aggressive music styles
  • Mix-ready producer presets from EDM to Death Metal and everything in between are provided for getting started quickly along with the ability to create your own user presets

Price: Intro: $39 / Regular: $99

More info here: Drumforge | Kickforge

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