25. October 2022 | News | Noizefield

Endorphin.es and Andrew Huang released Ghost


Endorphin.es released in collaboration with ANDREW HUANG, based on his modern music production techniques, a creative audio processor with multiple blocks that can be moved around in order to achieve different flavors for sound design.

  • processing unit without fixed structure: intuitively create astonishing and ephemeral timbres, from atmospheric rumbles to heavy or distorted textures
  • creative stereo effect processor with delay, reverb, filter and distortion with quickly explorable routing chain with single button press
  • new generation ARM Cortex – M7 processor with 96 kHz 32 bit internal processing
  • lush hall and whooshing reverse reverbs with audio freeze and pre-delay
  • sidechain audio ducking envelope available both internally and externally with additional one knob single band compressor
  • tap delay with maximum delay time up to 2,5 seconds, external clock input with onboard clock divider and 1v/oct time control for Karplus-Strong
  • 8x oversampled distortion algorithm
  • pre- and post – VCA, tone and volume controls with extra gain

More info here: Endorphin.es | Ghost

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