Expressive E announced Osmose

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Expressive E announced Osmose coming in 2021. Expressive E, in collaboration with Haken Audio, announced Osmose, a new Augmented Keyboard Synthesizer designed for an unparalleled playing experience.

Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, Osmose is the result of more than seven intense years of research and development, as well as feedback from world-class artists.
Osmose elevates a player’s experience by introducing a new landscape of physical gestures for musicians to interact with sounds and produce music like they never have before. It does this while not only respecting, but also enhancing the player’s existing keyboard skills.

Osmose features*
Keybed: 49 full-size keys with A.K.A. technology for three-dimensional control
Internal Engine: EaganMatrix, a digital modular synth by Haken Audio
Polyphony: Up to 24 voices
Top Panel: 8 encoders, 9 buttons, pitch slider, modulation slider, color LCD screen
Pedal Inputs: 2 continuous pedal inputs, assignable to sustain or synth parameters
MIDI: MIDI In, MIDI Out/Thru, USB Type B
Audio Output: Two ¼” TS unbalanced line outputs, ¼” TRS headphone output
Dimensions: 35.2″ x 12.4″ x 3.4″ / 894 x 316 x 87.5 mm
Weight: 8.5 kg
Power: External PSU with lockable connector, 12V, 1.5A, center positive
Software: A Mac/PC editor lets users create and edit the EaganMatrix sounds,
as well as assign the three A.K.A. key movements to multiple parameters.
*specifications subject to change.


More info here: Expressive E | Osmose

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