FM4 Frequency Festival 2021

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The FM4 Frequency Festival will take place from August 19th until August 21th 2021 in Greenpark St. Pölten, Austria.

Since we know that the FM4 Frequency Festival can take place in 2021, we have worked day and night through sweat and tears to keep every single act in the line-up. Of course, due to international tour cancellations or postponements, it was not possible keep the line as it was, but still we are super happy to be able to present you the updated program.

Because 3 days are far too short after this long festival abstinence, we are adding a day right away: The Frequency X-Tended on Sunday, August 22nd, 2021. This day is included in all valid festival passes (3-day pass, VIP festival pass, BFF festival pass , Hofer Festival Pass & Raiffeisen Festival Pass). And of course you can also camp one day longer.

More info here: FM4 Frequency Festival 2021

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