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FPB released Michael Collins’ Command Module


FPB – Forschungsgruppe Perfect Beat released Michael Collins’ Command Module, an ARP 2500 inspired 10-switch/10-bus switching matrix with OFF position, expandable to 20×10, 30×10 or 40×10.

This is a switch matrix inspired by the ARP 2500 synthesizer. The matrix has 10 busses to which each signal can be routed via a rotary switch. In the “OFF” position the respective signal is not routed to any bus. The matrix is arbitrarily expandable, so that with two modules a 20×10, with three modules a 30×10 and with four modules even a 40×10 switch matrix is created.
The basic module offers 100 select stations in the 10×10 arrangement with off position.
Two different variants are available: Variant 1 contains 10 rotary switches and 10 associated sockets. Variant 2 contains 10 additional sockets with which the 10 buses can also be tapped directly.


  • 10 internal buses, optionally led out on sockets
  • 10 rotary switches with 11 positions (bus 1-10, OFF)
  • 10 connection sockets
  • several modules can be linked via one bus cable
  • available as DIY kit and assembled

More info here: FPB | Michael Collins’ Command Module

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