Free Roland TR-606 Analog Tape Drum Samples

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This free edition of the Reel 606 sample pack contains 110 Roland TR-606 samples recorded with “reel” tape saturation, supplied in 24-bit 44.1 kHz WAV. The paid edition includes these same samples, but in 24-bit 192 kHz WAV as well as 44.1 kHz.

There are no other differences between the free and paid edition. If you like this pack, or you are interested in higher quality samples (useful for playback speed manipulation and more advanced processing) please consider upgrading to the paid version.

Session details:
3 dynamics (normal, saturation, heavy saturation) are recorded per tape speed (IPS) in addition to dry (direct) hits.

All hits recorded live from the real hardware directly into the reel to reel tape machine. Every variation (dynamic and tape speed) recorded from hardware to tape is distinct.

Featured module:
Roland TR-606 “Drumatix”

Reel to reel recording specs:
Otari MTR-10 with +3dB 1/4″ Tape (MRL Calibrated)
7.5 IPS, 15 IPS and 30 IPS Tape Speeds

10 Closed Hihat Samples
20 Choked Hihat Samples
20 Open Hihat Samples
10 Cymbal Samples
10 Low Tom Samples
10 High Tom Samples
10 Kick Samples
10 Snare Samples
10 Extra Samples (BD+SD)

License agreement:
Licensee may use samples in any commercial or non-commercial work/performance. Licensee does not have the right to re-distribute, sell or transfer any samples contained in this pack.
Red Module – Free Roland 606

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