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Gamechanger Audio released MOTOR Synth MKII


Gamechanger Audio released MOTOR Synth MKII, the second iteration of Gamechanger Audio’s groundbreaking idea of electromechanical (Motor) synthesis.

MKII is the result of years of painstaking development and it is an improvement on many aspects of the original MOTOR Synth design, including:

  • lower mechanical noise (due to custom motor engine, soft-mounting, sound panels)
  • upgraded filter and VCA section
  • expanded controls for portamento, detune and cross-mod
  • 3 fully assignable LFOs
  • added digital voice (DCO)
  • improved sequencer, arp, motion rec
  • improved User Interface

€ 2,726.00
US: No Sales Tax, but you will need to pay 2.7% customs duties on arrival
EU: VAT will be added to orders without an EU-VAT number
Intl: All other countries will face customs duties

More info here: Gamechanger Audio | MOTOR Synth MKII

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