Ghosthack releases Ultimate Foley Sounds Volume 2

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A new sound pack has been created by Ghosthack – Ultimate Foley Sounds Volume 2:

It includes:
– 2.1 GB of Everyday Sounds Spreaded Across 45 Categories
– 100% Royalty Free
– Instant Download After Purchase

– Air Conditioner and Fan Noise
– Everything Fire: Campfire, NYE Fireworks, Matches
– Everything Water: Rain, Shower, Soda Bottle, Tap Water
– Rural Ambience: Dog barking, River, Corn Husks
– Kitchen Appliances: Oven, Fridge, Induction Cooktop
– Household: Doors Slamming, Dishes, Cutlery, Dinner Set, Glasses, Flask, Foil, Scissors
– Sounds Revolving Food: Byting into an Apple, Smashing Tomato, Coffee Beans Shaking, Cutting a Cucumber
– Instruments: Drum Set and Skin, Old Guitar
– Different Materials: Glass, Metalics, Plastics
– Wood Related: Squeaking Chair, Sticks
– Total Files: 548
– Total Size: 2.1GB

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