Give away: Win a copy of Tracktions synthesizer F.’em

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We’ve got an exclusive give away just for you! Win one of five copys of the amazing powerful synthesizer F.’em by Tracktion.

The synthesizer has got eight operators (8 oscillators, 1 noise module, 2 sample modules) and additionally two filters (with 17 filter types) for each layer. You can work with four layers, each with four effect slots. You can choose between ten effects (distortion, chorus, phaser, compressor, filter, delay, reverb natural, reverb plate, reverb non-linear) Create complex modulations with the 200 entries of the modulation matrix. Additionally you’ll find an arpeggiator and much more.
Read more about the features here:

Take part in this give away to be one of the five lucky winners of this great MPE-capable plug-in. You just need to write a comment below till 30th November 2021 – The winners will be picked randomly.

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    1. This sounds and looks like a very powerful synth the layout looks more user friendly than most FM synths Ive used I am a fan of D and B and can see it uses in that genera .

    2. I’d love to be one of the chosen ones, this looks pretty good to me, let’s see what kinda sounds it can make.

      1. great company and great products. I am an user and a I recorder my music with they synths, are great! I really want this F.’em

    3. I really really really really like you :)
      And I want you
      Do you want me
      Do you want me too?

      Anyways, this plugin looks amazing and I would make so much profit with it
      I am really happy to be given this opportunity thank you a lot guys ❤️💕🍬

      1. Waow this synth looks so powerful, so many osc available and the matrix grid offers so many possibilities. It might be the perfect synth for sound designing from scratch ! :)

    4. I’ve demo’s this and loved it. Funds weren’t there for a purchase, so I’d certainly appreciate a win

  1. Incredible, is it really true? Well, I have RetroMod and it is excellent, the F.’em is the same

  2. Love what these developers are doing, hope to win this super cool synth :-).

    1. Only three winners? It’s a shame,
      I was hoping to win one of the five copies and have this synth for christmas.. :(

      Anyway, I had a week of testing with F.’em, I fell in love , sounds like nothing out there, hard sync between operators, excellent filters,amazing modulator,fx,A state of the art FM beast!
      Kudos to Wolfram Franke and Tracktion,
      I recommend everyone a test drive with this synth, you will love it.

        1. Really ? I need to check my email spam folder, maybe I missed something!
          I’m kidding,thanks for the reply:)

  3. I feel that this software instrument has new possibilities.
    I definitely want to try it!

  4. Looking fortwarf to Test this Synth, Looks amazing, i think so!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!!

  5. Looks like a really interesting synth. Thanks Noizefield for the chance to win one.

  6. Wow it’s gonna be easy to win, just don’t say something like ‘i want it’ or ‘ give it to me and you’ll pop right out! :D

  7. I really really want a copy of this synth. Will make a vid about it on my youtube channel.

  8. Looks like a cool synthesizer plug-in. I dig fm synthesis for its unique sound

  9. Been digging FM sounds since I picked up my first synth as a teen – the Yamaha DX100!

  10. Extremely versatile synthesizer F.’em by Tracktion. Love, love, love it. +++++ Fred 😎

  11. Like the fact it’s not a copy of a great old synth but built to be pushing boundaries, MPE support too!
    Fingers crossed I may be the lucky one!

    Thank you!

  12. Most i like the clean interface, i like it this way. Easy to find all the good stuff. Also like the pad section.

  13. This synth reminds me of the scene in the Star Wars movie where they had to invent this thing and it sounded dope :)
    Really can’t wait to test it out and share my genuine opinion about it for the better

  14. Real admiration for Plugin creators, enabling music to expand beyond their own personal tastes. ;)

  15. Think I might need an extra pair of hands to fully utilize this one! Looks great!

  16. Tracktion is making innovative synths they are not just another Serum like wave table synths. They are bit pricey for occasional use synth. Wave razor and bio tek are good too, Hyperion is nice if you want to fiddle with modular synth; I think Hyperion has best value for money – it can be used more often then rest.

    I haven’t played with F em demo but UI looks easy to use, much better then Dexed.

  17. Freak Mod, a new wave style
    Freq. Modulation, a state of harmonic & in-harmonic production, intended to operate on the cranial perceptibles system, located deep within the soul……

  18. Interesting to see how this’ll stack up against DX7 and TX7s combo I’ved used for an eternity. Demo seems pretty good and I do use Tracktion’s Waveform 11.

  19. Many thanks for the opportunity! I’m still learning my way around FM synthesis and this would be a fantastic boost. Cheers!

  20. Would love a copy. Tracktions stuff is cool, Retromod series, are some of the most analog sounding emulations I have come across. This synth is likely amazing.

  21. The plugin looks very promising
    I have seen the videos and you can see the work it does at the time of being executed
    Congratulations to the creators

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