Glou-Glou released Loupé

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Glou-Glou released Loupé, a innovative looper that covers a lot of familiar ground and opens up some new spaces as well.

All of the following functions can be assigned to any switch, and for each switch you can choose between Toggle and Sustain behaviour.
Some Functions have variants that can be unquantized or quantized to either the Quantize-Clock(/Q) or to the Bar-Clock(/B). The Quantize-Clock can be set to whole, half, quarter, eighth, or sixteenth notes.


  • 48khz / 24bit Stereo audio
  • 32 MB of RAM (86 seconds)
  • 2 Selectable Line / Mic Input
  • Pulse Sync Out, adjustable PPQ
  • Expression pedal Input with 3 dedicated modes
  • 9 assignable switches (5 footswitch + 4 tactswitch) can be individually set to toggle or sustain
  • Switch configurations are stored in 99 GAMES (50 factory, 49 user).
  • Classic EDP* Functions: Record, Overdub, Replace, Multiply, Insert, Trig, Mute, Start.
  • Up to 127 levels of Undo.
  • ReadFX: Pitch, Reverse, Stutter, Drift, Auto-Follow, Redux, Pitch Modulation (Sine, Random)
  • Adjustable High Pass and Low Pass filters in the feedback loop.
  • Adjustable Quantization of Functions and ReadFX.
  • Unique SCROLL function lets you move the playback loop around in the memory.
  • Audio Bootloader for easy update (future versions of the os).
  • *Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro

More info here: Glou-Glou released Loupé: Creative Looper & Delay pedal

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