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Gospel Musicians released Pure Synth Platinum 2


Gospel Musicians released Pure Synth Platinum 2, a complete urban synth architecture and framework featuring the best of the modern urban sound. It’s a full synthesizer and a full blown rompler in one synth. Add on a complete modulation system and new effects and you’ll have everything you need in one synth.

We spent the last year building our own complete synth and sampler infrastructure from the ground up. All of the things you asked for in the first version of Pure Synth Platinum are now available in this version. Think of Pure Synth as your software version of your hardware rompler. It’s not an EDM machine. It is a full blown rompler with electronic AND acoustic instruments. The detail we spent on the warmth, quality, presets, functions, and useability is amazing. This is the synth you have always dreamed of and the sounds are absolutelly incredible.

Platinum Highlights:

  • New streaming and synthesis architecture
  • 1,000 Brand New Sounds and 21,619 Samples
  • 108 Warm Wavetables
  • 650 High Quality Presets
  • Pure Sine Built-In with incredibly new presets
  • BASSalicious – Many custom presets from this library
  • A completely overhauled easy to use modulation system.
  • New and flexible preset system with quick saving and recall
  • 20 Brand new state of the art digital effects.
  • Specific CPU Optimizations especially for Logic and Mainstage
  • JP-like Detune for samples and synths

More info here: http://gospelmusicians.com/pure-synth-2.html

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