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Gotharman announced Zaturn


Gotharman announced Zaturn, a polyphonic/multi-timbral modular synthesizer with memory. All connections between modules, module settings, sequences and sample assignments can be memorized for instant recall.
Like many other Gotharman instruments, each preset contains 2 versions of the preset, that can be morphed between. With one knob, you can morph all the settings of a complete modular system!
It will also hold all your samplings and wavetables in memory, even after a power recycle.

Zaturn has a number of build-in modules, which are divided into 4 equal groups, A, B, C and D. Within each of these groups, it is possible to arrange the modules in 2 parts, so Zaturn has 8 parts in total. Each part can be trigged separately, and they have their own separate output module. Keeping the modules in groups, made it possible to add the Favorite Sound system from SpazeDrum!

Part 1 and 2 in Group A can each be set in polyphonic mode, so that Zaturn can be up to 2 x 4 notes polyphonic. Modules in groups B, C and D can be linked to Group A, to get the same sounds on each polyphonic note, or they can be unlinked to have different sounds on each polyphonic note.
Like most other Gotharman instruments, each of the 8 parts can also just be in monophonic mode, for 8 completely separate parts.
Zaturn comes with a set of newly engineered 12 db dual self-resonating analog filters, with a special character. Each Group has one dual analog filter. These filters are arranged as LPF and BPF in parallel to each other.
8 Patch Points are also available, for inter-connection of the 4 Groups.
1024 preset, 1024 songs, 64 favorite sounds and up to 8192 samplings can be held in its internal FLASH memory.
Unlike the Anamono X, which had 2 separate bus systems, one for audio and one for modulation, Zaturn only has one bus, that handles both audio and modulation, so everything can be connected to everything.

More info here: Gotharman | Zaturn

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