Grace Sampler now for free

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grace-box-shotOne Small Glue has changed its product policy. The amazing ex-commercial sampler Grace, is now freeware. The sampler contains two envelopes, LFOs, step sequencers and filters (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, comb-filter, lofi-filter). Four XY-control pads are also included. Grace supports the WAV, AIF and SND format ans last but not least the multilayer format SFZ. The eays handling from Grace allows you to drag and drop the samples of your choice. An inbuild browser is also been given.

Additionally there are also 54 different patches (drumkits, synth pads, vintage keys and basses) for a great start with that comfortable tool for Windows-users (32bit and 64).

One Small Glue – Grace for free

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  1. Pretty unuseful for me because has no option to have a KeyScale for the volume. So I could set the sample to sound softer on higher notes and louder on lower notes.
    If you know a sample that has this feature let me know.

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