GT Analyser – New and free analyser by Gramotech Audio

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The new and exciting software developement company Gramotech Audio has released their new plugin GT Analyser for free. GT Analyser is a stunning, high resolution spectrum analyser plug-in with loads of control to allow you to get the perfect view of your frequency domain.

– Decay time
Controls how long it takes the signal to decay after a peak. Use longer decay times for a smoother signal, or shorter times for a more accurate signal.

– Hold time
Controls how long peaks will stay at their maximum before decaying. Putting the hold time to the maximum value (10 seconds) will make the peaks hold forever.

– Channels selector
Changes which channels are visible on the spectrum. Use the L and R option to get an idea of the stereo width of your sound, or use the average option to get a view of your sound as a whole.

– Ramp
Tilts the signal one way or another (without changing the actual audio signal) to give a more natural look of the frequency content of the sound. Bass frequencies tend to show up as lounder in the signal so move the ramp down to account for this.

– Range
Specifies the Decibel range of the spectrum. Set to a smaller range to get a better look at lounder frequencies, or set to a larger range to see the full extent of your sound.

– Block selector
Changes the block size used to render the spectrum. Smaller blocks have less precision with lower frequencies but faster responce times. (Larger block sizes may also affect performance on slower machines).

Gramotech Audio – GT Analyser

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