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Hardcore will never die! 128 killer instruments for Hardstyle, Gabber & Frenchcore


Nordcore GmbH once said: “There is no lying in Hardcore. It’s where the wheat is separated from the chaff”. This quote may have been around for a few years, but it hasn’t lost any of its relevance. That’s why DEATH TO THE KORE won’t suit sweet “cuddle-core”.

Instead you’ll get thumping kicks, brutal basses, mighty dominator leads and vocals for the drama. Whether Hardstyle, Gabber, Speedcore or Terror: You will find your appropriate punishment here. Hakkeeeee!

Expansion details:
– 1,62 GB sound bank (Zampler) | 969 MB (optimised for MPC’s)
– 128 patches / Keygroup Programs
– For Hardcore, Gabber, Frenchcore, Hardstyle, Mainstyle, Hands-up, EBM, Splittercore, Speedcore, Noizecore, Terror
– 13 Basses
– 25 Gabber- & Frenchcore-Kicks
– 28 Hardstyle Leads & Plucks
– 5 dramatic Strings & Pads
– 12 apocalyptic FX
– 17 spoken Vocal lines
– 10 bonus Choir Stabs & Rave Chords
– 20 brutal Metasonix S-1000 sounds
– 1.100 Samples (Zampler) | 452 Samples (optimised for MPC’s)
– Compatible with Zampler and Akai MPC One, X, Live, Live mkII, Force, Studio, Touch, MPC Software, MPC Beats and Renaissance

Price and availability
The DEATH TO THE KORE expansion for Zampler and Akai MPCs is available for 14.99 Euro at Zampler Sounds

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