Higher HZ releases free HZ Delay

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HZ Delay is a character effect which means that it doesn’t do all things equally. Matter of fact it deliberately does some things oddly or not at all to allow it to have the sort of character so sought after in older analog gear.

VU meter – this is only loosely representative of output signal activity and not designed to be remotely accurate.
Drive – sets the amount that the input is put into saturation or overdrive. Use this with care based on the signal for the performance or it will get “crunchy” or “ragged”. This drive is not designed to make you sound like Megadeth but it can get unruly if the input is really LOUD. A little bit will probably bring a nice sparkle, sheen, or presence to your instrument, vocal or bus.
Hi Pass – is a 6db high pass filter that will roll off lower frequencies (bass) to help reduce muddiness or enhance brightness.
Lo Pass – is a 6db low pass filter that will roll off higher frequencies (treble) to help reduce brightness or enhance warmth.
Dry – sets the output level for the dry (post-Drive) signal.
Wet – sets the level for the effected signal (balance of echo lines).
Wide – allows to progressively narrow the stereo of the wet signal. This is handy when you do not want to add excessive stereo to a sound lest it swamp the mix. If you are finding it hard to get the sound to sit nicely in the mix, this knob may be the solution as too many things being too stereo is “soup”.
Mod Rate – sets the overall speed for the modulation LFO. This primarily controls the Delay 1+2 pair but also has an impact on the other delay lines.
Mod Depth – sets the overall amount for the modulation. This primarily controls the Delay 1+2 pair but also has an impact on the other delay lines

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