Hikari Instruments released Duos

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Hikari Instruments released Duos, the latest addition to Hikari Instruments’ line-up of innovative electronic sound exploration equipment.
A stereo synthesiser driven by the pulse of two internal LPGs, and an unpredictable signal path born through the mixture of shift registers and multi-feedback loops.

Duos is capable of creating soundscapes that range from zero-visibility blizzards of sound to glitched-out pulse-clusters of yearning from the heart of your long-lost mother-computer.

Bring in further feedback and unpredictability from your modular gear, or convince Duos to play nicely with other synths, through the variety of available onboard CV & Clock I/O.

Duos is a petri dish where new sound microbes are born through experimentation, luck, horrible accidents and some human intervention.

More info here: Hikari Instruments | Duos

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