Hit’n’Mix released Infinity 4.5 – Atomic Audio Editor

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Hit’n’Mix released Infinity 4.5, a new version of their “Atomic Audio Editor”

Infinity isn’t just another audio editor. The possibilities are endless!
Unlock audio. Work with the actual notes, harmonics and percussive sounds that audio is constructed from. No difficult edits on waveform’s and frequency spectrum’s. You can:

Apply completely fluid pitch changes to notes in stereo mixes, even clone them from other sounds.
Clean up individual harmonics with surgical precision.
Add realistic sounding harmonies to vocals and instruments.
Make detailed edits with Audioshop® tools.
Run automated scripts on pitch, levels, panning and more.

What’s more, it fits within the workflow of most DAWs such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live and FL Studio.

New Features:

  • Rip and export video (macOS only), MIDI and other file formats.
  • Import your own samples into rips via the Instrument Palette.
  • Remove background and foreground noise via the Note Editor.
  • New Draw Instrument, Replace Instrument, Cutter and Join tools added to Audioshop.
  • Enhanced editing capabilities – selection, zooming, plus setting loop markers, bars and grids.
  • Set scale/key changes.
  • Improved BPM/tempo detection and customization.
  • Various RipScript enhancements.

USD 349$ for North America.
GBP 299£ for UK and the rest of the world.
EUR €339 for Europe.

20% off above prices until 31 March 2020 (midnight GMT).

More info here: Hit’n’Mix | Infinity 4.5

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