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hoerold.com released VoIS Modular


hoerold.com released VoIS Modular, a 15-Channel Vocoder and Fixed Filter Bank in eurorack format.

  • 15 adjustable filter channels (eight poles) with clipping indicators
  • Slew to create unique slurring effects
  • Silence bridging to fill periods of silence with the filtered excitation sign
  • Spectral shift (WRP1) to shift analysis filter channels up or down
  • Spectral tilt (WRP2) to manipulate the overall spectrum with a single knob
  • V/UV detection for automatic detection of voiced/unvoiced signals
  • Freeze to bring the vocoded signal to a standstill
  • Noise to select either pink or white noise for the excitation of unvoiced signals
  • BP/LP to select between low-pass or band-pass response of the lowest channel (100 Hz)
  • Line inputs for voice and exitation signals with clipping indicators
  • FFB Out to output the fixed-filter bank audio signal
  • Vcdr Out to output the vocoder audio signal

Promotion: 50€ off (Offer valid until Dec 31, 2021. Promotion already included in prices shown below.)
Europe (tax included): 420€ + shipping
U.S.A. (tax free): $420 + shipping

More info here: VoIS Modular | 15-Channel Vocoder and Fixed Filter Bank

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