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HoRNet released AnalogStage MK2


HoRNet released AnalogStage MK2, a console emulation plugin that re-creates those sound characteristics usually associated with analog gear (saturation, hiss, non linear frequency response, etc.) and can be used to bring to your mix some analog console flavor if used on every channel or buss.

AnalogStage simulates the response of three different types of analog technology: operational amplifiers (the cleanest and more modern technology), transistor (the discrete transistor designs were popular in the 70s and have some fat saturation) and tube (the dynamic and smooth saturation of the past) both Transistor and Tube modes includes an advanced transformer emulation since that component is an integral part of te sound of that era. You can choose whether to use each instance of AnalogStage MK2 independently or linked together, both in groups (up to 8) or globally. By default some of the parameters that determines the sound of the “console” are linked globally but with a right click on every control you can choose if that control is linked only in the group or globally.

AnalogStage also provide a stereo VU meter calibrated to -18dBFS to help you gain stage the plugin and to help you even more we added our latest auto gain technology to be able to quickly gainstage your mix.

We also added an “age” slider that can make your virtual console older simulating the effect of drying condensers, this affect both the saturation amount and the frequency response.

For convenience we have also added 6db/Octave high pass and low pass filters, a phase reversal button and a “mic mode” button that gives 20dB boost in input to drive the preamp very hard and create distortions.

AnalogStage MK2 provides intelligent oversampling up to 4x to guarantee the highest possibile sound quality and an internal processing sample rate of 192KHz.

19,99 €

More info here: HoRNet | AnalogStage MK2

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