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IK Multimedia released T-RackS Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip


IK Multimedia has released the T-RackS Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip plug-in. Modeled after the acclaimed engineer’s custom processing chain, the Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip is an all-in-one vocal processor that includes everything from parallel compression to de-essing to EQ and effects.Now Joe has partnered with IK Multimedia to offer you his unique vision and formula in the new T-RackS Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip. This plug-in models Joe’s go-to chain of high-end analog outboard gear, custom signal flow and unique know-how to deliver an incredible level of control and character to your vocal tracks.

Few mixers craft more attention-grabbing, engaging vocals than GRAMMY-winning producer and engineer Joe Chiccarelli. Having mixed everyone from Elton John to the White Stripes, Joe has perfected the techniques to enhance the emotional impact of each vocal performance.


  • Joe Chiccarelli’s complete vocal chain in a single plug-in
  • Exact models of 3 iconic compressors working in parallel
  • Unique analog parallel workflow offers incredible versatility
  • Includes optimized De-esser, EQ and custom effects section
  • Ideal for all music genres and vocal styles
  • Includes a variety of presets designed specifically by Chiccarelli
  • Offers controls that are easy to use and fully automatable
  • Works as a single plug-in or inside T-RackS 5

Intro: €129.99 excl. VAT
Regular: €159.99 excl. VAT

More info here: IK Multimedia | T-RackS Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip

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