Impact Soundworks released SNESVerb

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Impact Soundworks released SNESVerb at Pulse Audio with a great discount!

SNESVerb is a lightweight plugin designed to faithfully emulate the faux-reverb effect of the SNES home video game console. Many classic game soundtracks from this game system heavily utilized the reverb effect, which was actually a very short delay line, making for a truly signature sound that is looked on with warm nostalgia by millions. We created this plugin because users of Super Audio Cart, which included a similar built-in effect, requested it. Rather than just leaving it as a simple delay, we also included some useful features such as a downsampler, pre- and post-processing filters, four stereo input modes, and a preset randomizer button. Please enjoy SNESVerb for both your retro 16-bit style music and modern productions alike!

€ 17.66

Deal available here: Pulse Audio | SNESVerb

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