Impact Soundworks releases Shreddage 3 Stratus FREE

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The ultimate FREE electric guitar sample library for KONTAKT! Includes deep-sampled sustain, palm mute, and choke articulations with 3 octaves of playing range, up to 24 samples per note, and tons of performance options. Also features TACT 2.0 and the new CONSOLE mixer and modular FX rack.

– Pristine 24-bit recordings
– Sustains, palm mutes, chokes
– Pitched and unpitched release noises
– Up to 3x dynamics / 4x round robins
– Up and downstrokes
– Over 30 new & custom cabinet IRs

– SHRED window & offset for accurate shredding
– Beautiful, expanded UI for easier editing
– New POLY INPUT window for realistic chords
– Multiple fret & string voicing algorithms
– New STRUMMING tab for custom rhythm parts
– CONSOLE: Modular rack & mixer w/ 30+ FX
– Includes TACT 2.0 for articulation mapping

Impact Soundwork – Shreddage 3 Stratus Free

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