Infected Sounds releases free synthesizer Little V

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Little V is a very powerful synthesizer made for all kind of music styles, but most for dance music. This synth was made for all typical kind of genres. This synth is very powerful. We are proud to release this final product. Little-V can make fat basslines such as leads, plucks and alot of more sounds.

Little V consists of:
1 x Preset manager with 64 presets
3 x Morph Oscillators with octave, detune and 32 shapes for each oscillator.
3 x Pitch env modulations for the oscillators
3 x LFO modulations for the oscillators
2 x FM Modulations
1 x Filter Envelope
1 x Pitch Envelope
1 x Filter Envelope Amount
1 x Amp Envelope
2 x LFOs with depth speed sync, also 27 shapes + 3 slopes + 3 Steps and 1 S&H
1 x Overdrive
1 x Noise with white and pink mode
1 x Portamento with legato and slide mode
1 x Main Tune
1 x Velocity
1 x Fatner
1 x Hold Stolen
1 x Filter with cutoff, reso, key and 2 pole, 4 pole with LP, HP, BP, BYP
1 x Pitch Wheel with range
1 x Routable Mod Wheel
1 x Poly up to 8 voices

1 x Equalizer
1 x Chorus
Little V – Infected Sounds

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