Infected Sounds releases synthesizer Luna

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LUNA is a analog synthesizer designed to generate your favourite sounds.

This synth is a big and complex synth. It has alot of features and sound awesome. Just enjoy it.

– Start with 1 bank, (128 presets in total to start with).

Presets included:

Preset manager:
– One Preset manager with save, load, copy, paste, & (128 presets to choose from).

Double Oscillators:
– 3 oscillators with range, semi, fine.
– 1 drive for oscillator one.
– 1 Pwm mode for each oscillator.
– 32 morphing waveforms to choose from.
– Ctrl a and Ctrl b mode with 4 modes, for each oscillator to modulate the waves.
– 1>2>3 Hard Sync.
– (Incl Retrig) for each oscillator.
– Unison with amount and detune.
– Filter out all oscillators.
– One Noise Oscillator with white & pink noise.

Wavedraw Oscillators:
switch to wavedraw oscillators for each osc with save and load.

– One sequencer with (Steps, Speed, Smooth, Save, Temaplates).
– On/Off.

– One trancegate with (Steps, Speed, Smooth, Save, Temaplates).
– On/Off.

– 3 Morphing LFOs with rate, gain, offset & sync, 16 waves.
– 2 Mod Envelopes with attack, decay, sustain, release.
– 1 Amp Envelope with attack, decay, sustain, release.
– FM Modulation Osc 1>2>3.
– Ring Modulation.
– Pitch wheel with range amount.
– Mod Wheel (Routable).

– 2 Filter with cutoff, reso, key, 12 & 24 db, AA Lowpass, LU Lowpass, LU Highpass, LU Bandpass, 303 lowpass, Ladder Filter, Formant Vowel.
– 1 Formant vowel filter with cutoff, reso, level, that filter 1 & 2 are passing true.

General Features:
– Master balance.
– Master Volume.
– One Main Coarse.
– Porta with legato & slide mode.
– Velocity on & off.
– Velocity Filter, Mod Envelopes, LFOs.
– Polyphony up to 16 voices.
– Keyboard.
– VU Led.

High Quality Effects:
– Fatner.
– Overdrive.
– Distortion.
– Equalizer.
– Phaser.
– Ensemble.
– Decimator.
– Chorus.
– Reverb.

– License Key

Infected Sounds – Luna

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