Jagernot released DIN Is Noise version 42

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Jagernot released DIN Is Noise version 42 for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux.

DIN Is Noise is software,
Use your mouse and keyboard to make sounds,

Inspired by central-asian bowed string instruments,
The Morin Khuur, the Kobyz, the Erhu, the Kamancheh, the Sarangi,
And the Cello.

An excellent Theremin when you arent playing right ;)
Or play a raga of Indian classical music,
With enough Meend and Gamaks,
To bring your Guru,
On her knees!

OK, it is a sound synthesizer.
And yes, it can accept input from your MIDI keyboard:
Notes, control change, pitch bend and clock sync.

5 oscillators.
1 for lead voice on the Microtonal Keyboard.
1 for plucked notes on the Keyboard-Keyboard.
1 for the balls of Mondrian.

And 2 for drones.
These arent remotely controlled killers,
These are continous sounding tones,
Place them on any pitch,
As loud as you want,
Orbit them,
Watch them freeze,
Watch them rise,
Watch them fall,
Watch them bounce,
Watch them fly

More info here: Jagernot | DIN Is Noise

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