JBR Plugins releases free chorus plugin JBR Chorus

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JBR Plugins has announced the release of the new freeware chorus plugin JBR Chorus.

A freeware chorus plugin that offers:
– Up to 8 independent voices – each with separate delay, depth, gain, pan and other options
– Delays between 0 ms and 100 ms
– Nearly unlimited modulation capabilities – up to 50 modulators each with up to 50 targets, allowing for modulation of almost
every smoothly-changed parameter
– LFOs with several waveform shapes
– Linear and cubic delay line interpolation
– Smooth parameter changes with adjustable smoothness
– Low CPU usage

What’s not ready yet, but hopefully will be in the future versions:
– 64-bit version
– Synchronization to host tempo and song position
– Lowpass and highpass filters for filtering wet signal
– More modulator types (envelope followers, envelopes)
– Maybe a scalable user interface
– Maybe a more complete manual

System requirements:
– Windows XP SP3 or newer
– Processor with SSE2 instruction set


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