jhudstudio releases free channel strip jHammerEZ

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jhudstudio has announced the release of the channel strip plugin jHammerEZ. It’s available for free.

jHammerEZ supports Windows/64bit/VST2/VST3 ***VST3 will be uploaded later*** Mac/64bit/AU 32bit will not be supported unless enough requests.

Use the noise gate to cut unwanted signal in between silent parts. Simply Thin/fat the sound, compress, de-ess, and clip it. Just that easy! Hover over each knob or button to find out what it does. Preset loader/save. I will be making presets at some point to add to the plugin. Advanced controls. Added for those who want more control over settings. Example, attack and release settings for the compressor. Change background color for both Main controls and Advanced controls. Currently there is only 2 color modes.


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