31. May 2022 | News | Noizefield

Kilohearts announced Kilohearts v2


Kilohearts announced Kilohearts v2, the v2 Update is now available for all users for FREE!

To mark the occasion we are offering Phase Plant for just $99 until June 13th.
The v2 update is focused mainly on modulation in our hosts with a bunch of new modulators available, along with other functionality and workflow updates which will open up new worlds of creativity.
One particularly fabulous aspect of this update is that Snap Heap and Multipass now have the same modular modulation system as Phase Plant, which allows you to combine and connect as many modulators as you need.
This unleashes limitless new creative possibilities for creating dynamic, evolving, responsive, or chaotic modular effects within these already super-useful Snapin Hosts.

More info here: Kilohearts v2

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