KINDZAudio released MentalV 2.0

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KINDZAudio released MentalV 2.0, an experimental plugin for Pc and MacOS, it grabs audio buffer from input and apply scanning granularization with pitch shift and reverberation.

Main controls is Transpose, to transpose audio. Density, amount of granules, BPM lock synt it to BPM. Position Scan, scanning of audio buffer. Duration, granules duration, Dur.Lock mare granules size depend from Density so they not ovrlap. A,D,R is control of rise decay and release of single granules, this control is subtle, exist to prevent clicks. Lfo for Transpose and Scan also available. small buttons near Big buttons is stereo shift of parameter. Animation is animate few parameters realtime, speed of animation A time, Anim SH samplehold animation synked with bpm. RND momentary randomization of parameters. During Animation, animated parameters not available for control. BUffer, suze of buffer to hold audio. Freeze)

Intro Price: 40 €

More info here: KINDZAudio | MentalV 2.0

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