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Kodamo announced Infini


Kodamo announced Infini (Prototype) at SynthFest France 2022.

Kodamo Infinity (Prototype) – SynthFest France 2022
This is not just a keyboard version of the EssenceFM. It brings Formant Synthesis, Bitmask Synthesis, Virtual Analog and FM all at the same time. Special care has been put into designing a great sounding and characterful synthesizer, that includes filter design, waveform choices, aliasing prevention and various optimizations that adds grit to the sound.
The picture shows an early prototype. Many things will change until the final product so don’t hesitate to share your impressions and ideas !
It’s not just a keyboard version of EssenceFM. Kodamo Infini brings the synth by Formants, by Bitmask, Virtual Analog and FM, all at once! Special attention was paid to aesthetic and technical choices to make a sound synth, with a good character. This goes through the design of filters, the choice of wave shapes, measures to avoid aliasing and various optimizations that give grain to sound.
Photo shows the V1 prototype. A lot of things will change from here on the final version, so feel free to let us know your thoughts and suggestions!


More info here: Kodamo | Infini

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