Korneff Audio released Micro Digital Reverberator

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Korneff Audio released Micro Digital Reverberator, a reverb and delay effects with a super friendly user interface and controls.

Pop it on an insert, pick a preset, and go. Drums? Vocals? Synths? Guitars? This little plugin has you covered.
Our MDR has the sounds of the first generations of budget reverbs that took over project studios in the late 1980s. In a few years, these units were commonplace in major recording studios and all over many of your favorite records.
Don’t let the simple interface fool you: this thing sounds amazing, with tight small rooms, huge plates and halls, gates and reverse reverbs, and some effects that can only be found on the MDR.

Intro: $19.99
Regular: $29.99

More info here: Korneff Audio | Micro Digital Reverberator

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