KV331 Audio updates SynthMaster One to version 1.0.2

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KV331 Audio has announced a new update for their wavetable synthesizer SynthMaster One.

This update brings the following new features:

– SynthMaster One now supports MIDI Program Change and MIDI Bank Changes messages. Users can easily assign
selected presets to MIDI banks by right clicking on the presets list and assigning them to a MIDI bank.
– Added user manual, written by Bulent Biyikoglu and Ronan Macdonald.
– Added preset search textbox and button to the browser.
– Add 50 new hardstyle factory presets, designed by The Machine

There are also various bug fixes in this update:
– Preset name is not displayed when a DAW session is loaded.
– MIDI Import is not working correctly for the arpeggiator.
– Mono LFOs don’t start at the correct time.
– SynthMaster One Standalone app doesnt show the License Key File dialog.
– User manual menu item not working on Mac OS X.
– MIDI learn doesn’t work for slider controls.

Synthmaster One

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