Ladik released S-316

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Ladik released S-316, a new 16-step sequencer module for eurorack.


  • Clock in jack + LED + manual button
  • Reset in jack + LED + manual button
  • Gate output + LED
  • 16 step CV knobs + step on/off switches
  • Sequence length knob + LED (2-16 step)
  • Gate length knob + CV in jack (1ms – 6s)
  • 4 mode switches
  • CV out jack
  • Direction: Random, up/down (pendullum), up (normal)
  • Reset: “1st” means that an incoming pulse at the Reset input also plays the first step, “Stay” means that the first clock after a Reset plays the first step, “Last” means that a Reset trigger moves the sequence to the last step immediately.
  • Range: 5 octaves unquantized, 5 octaves quantized (in semitones), 2 octaves quantized (in semitones)
  • S/H: “Off” means the CV value at the output gets update according to the relative knob position on each step, regardless of the status of the On/Off switch for that step. “on” means that the CV output is only updated on steps for which the step switch is on.
  • Repeating of the first and last step in Pendulum mode and repeating of the current step in Random mode can be switched on/off by turning the Sequence length knob quickly several times (sequence length LED goes off).
  • Width: 22TE/ 22HP/ 112mm.
  • Depth: 35mm /1,4″ max.
  • Current: 35mA max.
  • Power cable included.

silver @ £180.00
black @ £190.00

More info here: Ladik | S-316

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