Limerence – New Kontakt instrument by Rigid Audio

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Rigid Audio announces the Kontakt instrument Limerence with preordering.

Limerence delivers 400 organic cinematic textures and soundscapes.
– each sound has four layers.
– layers can be blended and toggled individually.
– sound categories: anorganic, bright, complex, evolving, huge, modulated, pad, soundscape and various.
– intuitive, easy-to-grasp interface with a moderate set of controls.
– impulse response (convolution reverb) effects.
– tone control for filter, phaser and delay effects.
– flow control for adding rhythmic modulation effects.
– shape control for distortion and signal degrading.

More information: Rigid Audio

Retail Price: $59.99 USD
Preorder Price: $6.99 USD (Valid until the 20th of November 2019)

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