LiquidSonics released Lustrous Plates Surround

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LiquidSonics released Lustrous Plates Surround, a rich and luxurious contemporary plate reverb with ten distinctive models for use in surround and Atmos mixes up to 7.1.6.

Designed with the multi-channel music mixer in mind, Lustrous Plates Surround is the only plate reverb of its kind.

Nowhere else can you find a fully decorrelated multi-channel plate reverberation algorithm meeting the demands of the contemporary surround and Atmos music mixer.

The reverb excels at phase artefact free fold-down, essential when mixing or remixing for home and headphones-focused Atmos delivery formats. It is ideal whether you are bringing classic tracks featuring plate reverbs into Atmos or working on original surround pieces calling for the distinctive sound of plate reverberation.

The surround edition has all the features of the stereo edition including the even diffusion and beautiful spectral decay of ten real hardware plates, whilst bringing many new enhancements and new features specifically to meet the needs of today’s rapid surround production workflows.

USD 179$

More info here: LiquidSonics | Lustrous Plates Surround

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