Livid – Minim in Stock and Better Than Ever

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Livid released Minim, the world’s first wireless MIDI controller. The pocket sized controller is better than ever with improved performance and functionality.
Get yours today while supplies last. Only $129


  • Minim is the world’s first wireless, pocket-sized instrument designed for mobile music making.
  • Use Minim with your favorite music creation apps with tactile control that goes beyond the touchscreen.
  • Minim’s expressive pads, 3D motion control, and touch sensitive technology allow you to play intuitively.
  • Play any sounds like drums, guitar, synths, or samples all on one device.
  • Minim’s long-lasting battery empowers you to sketch out songs on the go.


Minim is designed symmetrically and can be held or turned any way. Clamp minim to your mic stand, hold it in your hands, or play it on a table top. Minim is the same size as a smartphone and feels like a portable handheld device, making it easy to learn and intuitive to play.


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More info here: Livid | Minim

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