Loopmasters released ASMR – Chill Sessions

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Loopmasters released ASMR – Chill Sessions

Immerse yourself in a musical world infused with autonomous sensory meridian responses, or ASMR for short. This enticing collection features 19 kits full of lush, relaxing down-tempo compositions designed to stimulate the senses and sedate the restless mind. From the relaxing ruffle of bubble wrap to space-age synthesis, the ASMR pack ensures soothing sounds and creativity in a hectic world.

You’ll find deep, moving pads and binaural atmospheres, melodic particles and textures that tickle the spine and reach beyond the stereo field; soft, almost transparent bass lines that weave in and out of the rhythm, along with tranquil melodies that bind it all together. The beats are hypnotic and loaded with character; utilizing unconventional drum techniques and found sounds to trigger ASMR effects whilst always keeping the groove strong.

Dive in and discover the possibilities of forging your own sound using these creative tools. Best experienced with headphones, the ASMR pack is ideal for deep Techno, mind-expanding Ambient or evocative Soundtracks and media scoring.

Recorded only in high quality 44.1KHZ and clocking in at 590 MB in size, this royalty-free collection features sounds between 75BPM and 100BPM and consists of 20 bass loops, 60 drum loops, 6 found sound loops, 7 FX loops, 65 music loops, 4 perc loops, 1 vocal loop, 4 individual sample patches (each containing individual instruments, bass synths, drones and more), and 9 individual hits collections featuring 4 atmosphere hits, 2 bass hits, 4 drones, 36 drums, 42 found sounds, 9 FX, 14 instruments, 3 claps and 7 vocals.


590 MB
24Bit 44.1KHZ 
30 Synth Loops
16 Full Drum Loops
16 Stripped Drum Loops
16 Synth Bass Loops
13 Keys Loops
11 Pad Loops
9 Top Drum Loops
7 Fx Loops
6 Found Sound Loops
4 Hat Loops
4 Mallet Loops
4 Perc Loops
3 Bass Guitar Loops
3 Guitar Loops
2 Bell Loops
1 Cymbal Loop
1 Flute Loop
1 Vocal Loop
41 Found Sounds
36 Drum Hits
14 Instruments
9 Fx
7 Vocals
4 Atmospheres
4 Drones
3 Percs
2 Bass Hits
37 Soft Sampler Patches

Download teaser pack for: ASMR – Chill Sessions | Teaser Pack
More info and download here: Loopmasters | ASMR – Chill Sessions

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