Loopmasters released Dub To Jungle

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Loopmasters released Dub To Jungle

Subtifuge of Totally Dubwise Recordings teams up with Canada based Renegade Audio to provide a one-stop-shop sample pack for all those looking to inject a Dubwise vibe into their productions, literally from Dub to Jungle, Dubstep, Grime, Breakbeat, 2step, Garage, Drum & Bass, or any sound looking for that additional tropical or Dubby edge, featuring a whole host of sounds from live Instrument samples to Drums, FX, Soundclash Samples & much more.

The core of this pack focuses on the 985 one-shots: it’s lock stock and loaded full of dubby, junglist go-to hits for you to build out your sonic masterpiece.

Kenny Ken

“The Totally Dubwise Recordings (Dub To Jungle) Sample Pack is the best Ragga-Jungle Sample Pack I have come across in years, featuring some fresh takes on the classic break edits & a wicked FX section”.

Marcus Visionary

“Totally Dubwise (Dub To Jungle) sample pack is chock full of goodies. Highlights for me are the FX and the Reggae Dancehall Dub Drum Loops. I’m sure I’ll find more as I dig in! 10/10 Excellent work!”

PLEASE NOTE: Sample Pack Does Not Include Vocal Samples heard in the Demo


1GB (220 loops / 985 one-shots)
14 Combo Loops
54 Jungle Breaks
50 Reggae-Dancehall & Dub Drum Loops
73 Guitar Loops
19 Horn Loops
10 Perc Loops
31 8Bit Sounds
94 Bass Hits
225 Drum Hits
252 FX
26 Guitar Hits
61 Horn Hits
150 Organ & Piano Hits
11 Melodica Hits
135 Perc Hits
Tempo Ranges: 70-180 bpm

Download teaser pack for: Dub To Jungle | Teaser Pack
More info and download here: Loopmasters | Dub To Jungle

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