Loopmasters released Junglist Workout 2

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Loopmasters released Junglist Workout 2

Loopmasters are proud to present Dope Ammo and DJ Hybrid – Junglist Workout 2 – second installment of authentic dancefloor sonics designed by two industry heavyweights: Dope Ammo and the acclaimed modern junglist DJ Hybrid! This 100% royalty free collection of sounds are sure to spice up your Jungle assaults with an equal measure of classic sounds and sheer ruffnek futurism.

Bringing their respective production A-games, both Dope Ammo and DJ Hybrid have included exclusive audio content that has already been tried and tested on sound systems worldwide which, for the first time, can be utilised in your next production project. Within you’ll find well over 700 MB worth of jungle break samples, DnB bass shots, FX samples, drum & bass drum fill loops, pads, strings, horns and just about everything else you’ll need to construct a full and interesting piece of drum & bass music that will hold up in the rave and elsewhere!

With tempos ranging from 172bpm all the way up to a thunderous 180bpm, this care package is Jungle and Drum & Bass certified, but will find a home in any bass-oriented genre with a touch of humanism.

In detail, expect to find 744 MB of content recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 79 full drum loops, 40 bass loops, 18 synth loops, 8 drum fill loops, 7 drum part loops, 5 drum build loops, 4 horn loops, 4 pad loops, 3 filtered drum loops, 2 piano loops and 1 string loop. One-shots are 67 drum hits, 67 Fx, 42 bass hits and 9 bass multis. Also included are 171 Rex2 files and 59 soft sampler patches for Kontakt, EXS24, NNXT and SFZ.

Dope Ammo and DJ Hybrid serve up a healthy collection of grassroots Jungle and DnB so fire up your sampler and load in some heavyweight streetwise sounds now! Log in to download a free taster pack and check out the demos above to hear more. This pack is Loopcloud ready, you can find out more about our award winning software here: loopcloud.com


744 MB
24Bit 44.1KHZ
79 Full Drum Loops
40 Bass Loops
18 Synth Loops
8 Drum Fill Loops
7 Drum Part Loops
5 Drum Build Loops
4 Horn Loops
4 Pad Loops
3 Filtered Drum Loops
2 Piano Loops
1 String Loop
67 Drum Hits
67 Fx
42 Bass Hits
9 Bass Multis
171 Rex2 Files
59 Soft Sampler Patches

Download teaser pack for: Junglist Workout 2 | Teaser Pack
More info and download here: Loopmasters | Junglist Workout 2

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