Loopmasters released License Free Movie Clips

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Loopmasters released License Free Movie Clips

We Finally did it. Our First License Free Movie Clips sample collection. What a collection it is.

This is a Huge Audio collection that comes in at just over 6GB of Cinematic Madness.

Turns out, One of our lead designers is a serious Under-ground License Free Movie collector. How handy is that folks. He went super deep on this one. These dark and creepy Movie clips were cleaned up yet we preserved the original textures and noise to really make these clips sound the real deal while being totally usable.

These 24 Bit files are 100% License Free as the name of this pack infers. We searched long and hard to get these samples checked out. We also put the time in to get the dark side of vocal samples in place for this mothership of movie goodness.

Expect the unexpected. This first collection offers up, Sci-fi, Horror, Strange low budget movies clips Action, Drama and of course Cine-Clips. Not only did we do the standard type of clips you might expect. We went one more mile further than any other pack of this nature.

We added Brooklyn Gangsta Skits from real deal guys from Brooklyn Gangsters, Nasa, LAPD, Emergency, Russian Army, NYC Police Calls, Atmospheres, Ufo’s, Strange Sound-scapes, Tones, Dialogue, Kung-Fu Movies and weapons, back-ground SFX and insane music snips which are all great for Experimental Hip Hop and dirty sound design.

The price for all this Movie Magic? 39.95. GBP. Bam. Just Over 6GB of content for just under 40 Quid. That’s how we do it.

This pack works well with any style of music. You just have to use your imagination. We know how wild that can be. Our Movie collection not only has value for money. It features an untold amount of insane movie clips that won’t be found in any other pack on the market. That is safe to say.

If you Checked out our Shaolin Hip Hop collection. This is the mutha ship folks. This pack only features the Shaolin Movie Clips, SFX, Segments, Impacts, Dives, Music Clips, Vocals and Cine Clips.

This pack does not include beats or outside music elements that are in the Shaolin Hip Hop Demos that we featured. That Audio can be found only in Shaolin Hip Hop. With that said. We added NI Massive Presets and essential Bonus Fx to this monster pack to boot.

If you seek the Odd, the Obscure, Strange Dialogue, Kung Fu, Fx, all used and abused from underground B & C Movies. This is our take on it, so expect an Industrial Strength Version of License Free Movie Clips. Expect the un-expected.

Ready… Action….

100% License Free Movie Clips Included.


6.16 GB
Over 2000+ Samples Included
91 Brooklyn Gangsta
209 Mobsters
128 Tuff Guys
17 Nasa Clips
414 Sci Fi Clips
25 Screams
14 SFX Atmos
114 Apollo
182 Cine Clips
14 Lo Fi Chatter
30 Russian Military
83 Us Military
138 Sci Fi Segments
10 Broadcast Chatter
31 Chicago Police Radio Noise Clips
228 Chicago_Police Radio
60 Cine Fx
294 Horror Clips
136 Horror Segments
10 Alien Transmissions
26 NI Massive Audio
26 NI Massive Presets
40 Sounds
12 Strange Soundscapes
58 Man Pig
36 UFO
19 Movie Bonus Files
84 Shaolin Cinematic_Clips
34 Shaolin Vocals
27 Weapons
42 Kung Fu Fights
129 Voxx Fx
18 SFX Stuff
20 Revs
50 Percussion Shots
20 Impacts
12 Downlifters
10 Dives
40 Distorted Fx

Download teaser pack for: License Free Movie Clips | Teaser Pack
More info and download here: Loopmasters | License Free Movie Clips

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