lostin70’s releases free pre-amp Modern Deluxe

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Clean, crunch and more crunch! The pre-amps are nothing more than a capture of my personal amp, it’s a purple English amp that mixes modern and vintage features. The hardware version has only one channel and a light stack, so I added a channel and a 5-bands equalizer (like on the MKII) very effective.The amp takes over the cab and reverb of the Tone Deluxe. Big news: the pedalboard (which will grow over time for sure).

– Two channels each one with two preamp gains, a mid-boost and a boost
– A pedalboard with 5 super efficient stomps, no need to disconnect cables to test the positions of the stomps
– 44100Hz, 48000Hz, 88200Hz, 96000Hz, 176400Hz and 192000Hz compatible. Plugins tested under Logic and Reaper
– The distortion responds to the volume of the guitar
– Based on the capture of my favorite tube amp (and Slash’s too, he’s telling me)
– Two models of reverb springs
– 12 cabinet models (1×12, 2×10, 2×12, 4×12) which reproduce the sound characteristics of the most famous cabinets
Modern Deluxe

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