Maneco Labs released Grone Expander

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Maneco Labs released Grone Expander, a 4 voice touch controlled drone module for Eurorack.

  • 2 Drone oscillators same as Grone
  • 2 wavetable oscillators
  • 2 multi waveform lfo’s
  • Modulated delay section
  • Dirt stage at output
  • Can be used stand alone or processed through grone external input

Osc 1 and 3 – Bytebeat oscillators
Generates sound based on equations converted to analogsignals , there are sixteen equationsselected by Up and Down switches. Four leds indicateequation number in binary mode. ThreePots modify numbers used by the equation, A0 , A1 and A2 , fourth pot Sample Rate controlspitch and speed of the oscillation. There’s an OutputLevel pot for the oscillator and adedicated jack for patching the Oscillator sound toexternal modules .Hold toggle switches select between fast decay, longdecay and hold mode , for the touchtrigger input . There are CV inputs for pitch on thesetwo oscillators

Osc 2 and 4 – Wavetable oscillators
Digital oscillators , touch controlled or gate controlledby gate jacks , pitch is controlled by pitchpot, modulation by Lfo A or Lfo B and cv inputs.A0 pot selects waveform, A1 pot morphs between twowaveforms.There are individual output jacks.

Lfo 1 and 2
Low frequency oscillator routed to MOD inputs foroscillators 2 and 4, also to modulation inputfor delay section, selectable by toggle switch , RATE and WAVEFORM shapepots.

USD $465.00

More info here: Maneco Labs Grone Expander, 4-voice touch controlled Eurorack drone machine

Also available at : Thomann

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