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Mastering The Mix released Limiter


Mastering The Mix released Limiter, a great-sounding, smart mastering plugin that analyses your music and suggests the best settings for your music.

Problem Solved:
Bad limiter settings can undo hours of hard mixing work. Our plugin LIMITER analyzes your music to help you dial in the best settings to master your audio, whether you’re shooting for a super-loud master, or optimizing your audio for streaming.

Get Started:
Load up an instance of LIMITER on your master channel and select your preset (i.e Loud, Spotify, Apple Music, etc). Monitor the loudest section of your track, and click analyze. You’ll see a target range on the input gain slider showing you what gain adjustment is needed to achieve your sonic goal. You’ll also see target arrows on the other controls to help you optimize your sound.

Highlight 1:
You can dial in rich harmonic distortion using the NRG slider, and enhance your transients with the PCH slider. This drives more perceived loudness and punch to help mitigate the effects of limiting.

Highlight 2:
Great sounding limiting that gives you incredible transparency and clarity (especially in the low-end), even when mastering loud!

Intro: 15% Off
Regular: $58.00 / €56.95

More info here: Mastering The Mix | Limiter

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