Memory Collection 10th Anniversary – FREE Anniversary Pack

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718 samples (300 MB), all new, they are NOT part of the other Memory Collection Packs!

The samples in this collection are taken from 1 Sci-Fi movie, 1 TV sitcom episode, 1 documentary about radar (1955), 3 Public Service Announcements and 8 TV ads that are now in the Public Domain.

These videos are old and the sound quality is often not great and they’re noisy too. Maybe not every sample will be useful to you, but I am sure they will be fun!

The samples include voice/spoken word/dialogs, sfx and music. Many of them can be further divided.
If you like this pack, check out my other MC Packs that can be bought on Sampleism too. Some have a theme like the Memory Collection 03 – Horror Movies, Memory Collection Pack 05 – Sci-Fi and Aliens and Memory Collection Pack 09 – Sounds from Christmas past / Winter Holidays for instance.
These other packs are not free but they are very affordable and all have free downloadable demos. All Memory Collection Packs samples are from PD movies, documentaries, TV shows and TV ads.

Please read the manual for more info, tips and some screenshots from the videos used!

Even though the source videos are in the Public Domain and I am making these samples available for free, I ask you to respect the long and hard work that was required to create them and to not sell or distribute in any way the samples, even in modified or edited form, without our authorization.

If you do want to include and distribute some of the samples of this collection in your own projects, like with an instrument/sampler/rompler or in another sample pack, do not hesitate to contact me. We can then work out an agreement beneficial to both of us.

Sampleism – Memory Collection 10th Anniversary

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