MIDI Construction Kits Volume 3 by Ghosthack

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Ghosthack presets MIDI Construction Kits Volume 3, which features over 420 MIDI clips across 41 different kits, delivering even more variety and depth than the incredibly popular volumes that preceded it.

Each kit in the collection provides multiple melodies, arps and keys for you to use to build up around the bass and chord elements. It’s a great way to find quick inspiration and fastback the arrangement process, keeping you in a fluid state of sonic output.

Almost every theme explored in MIDI Construction Kits Volume 3 is presented in more than one song kit across multiple keys, making it easy to develop continuity over the course of time in a project.

From inspiring and dramatic to dreamy and floating, the scope of content included makes this a fantastic value for any level of production work. And weighing in at just 1.8MB, it’s inspiration that can travel anywhere with you. Grab it now and give your songwriting a quick boost

– 41 MIDI Kits With 425 Matching Melody, Arps, Bass and Chords
– 100% Royalty Free

Get it here for only €17.79
Ghosthack – MIDI Construction kits 3

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