Modulaire Maritime released Tarot

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Modulaire Maritime released Tarot, a voltage controlled waveshaping module using different techniques to achieve complex waveforms and multilayered sound: Frequency synthesizer who, besides creating frequency multiplications/division, performs demodulation resulting in FM glissando effect, combined with separate stages of wave folding and rectification- this makes Tarot able to produce whole variety of new timbres due to creation of new harmonics. The shifting of those is induced and animated by offsets controlled from cv inputs. It has a built-in LFO to provide synchronized mouvement acting in phaser-like or, when set to higher rates, in chorus-like (or PWM) manners which can give some huge synth leads, pads or drones (this will especially be highlighted through the use of effects as reverbs and delays will love those derivates of « moving » harmonics and transform them into lush soundscapes). Otherwise search for some hitting metal tones to create your industrial sounds & more.

Like in real Tarot there are many constellations to be explored, finding different characters within shuffling of its sonic deck of cards.

195,00 €

More info here: Modulaire Maritime | Tarot

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